Dave Naprstek, President of Local 74, Has Retired

The ADC would also like to congratulate Dave Naprstek, President of Local 74, on his retirement.  Dave has been the President of Local 74 for the past 5 years.  Starting as a Bricklayer apprentice in 1988 with Local 74, Dave became an officer of Local 74 in 1992.  Leading with 29 years of service as a union officer, he also worked as the Brick apprentice instructor and coordinator for the District Council Training Center for the past 8 years.  Dave has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Brick industry and the entire labor movement.  I want to personally thank Dave for his dedication and years of service.  The ADC Executive Board wishes Dave a very happy and healthy retirement.

Mike Volpentesta, President

ADC1 of Illinois