Save BAC Apprenticeships - RESPOND NOW!

The current Trump administration is seeking to strike yet another blow to working class men and women.  This time it comes as a proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that will drastically weaken current construction apprenticeships by attempting to implement the IRAP - or the industry recognized apprenticeship program.  Apprenticeship programs have been heavily regulated by the DOL in order to maintain quality, rigor, and accessibility.  The result has been a safe and skilled workforce.  The intent of the IRAP Program is to move the oversight of these programs from the hands of the DOL and place it in the hands of private industry, whose sole purpose is profit.  Just watch what happens when apprentices are trained without stringent regard to safety and quality training.  Unions fought hard to bring training standards UP, IRAP's will undo decades of quality control!  The DOL's comment period ends August 27, 2019.  Visit or click on the link below to express your concern for our skilled working class.

Jim Allen, President