J B Pritzker and Susanna Mendoza at your Union Hall

Gubernatorial primary candidate J. B. Pritzker and State Comptroler candidate Susanna Mendoza stopped by your Union hall this week for a "town hall" type event and discussion. 

A crowd of Union members and area residents heard Pritzker outline his plans for Illinois including his plan to expand healthcare for all Illinois families and to make Illinois a leader in early childhood education.  The largest applause of the evening came when Pritzker stated the three words that Union members will never have to worry about in Illinois when he is Governor are the words "right to work". 

Mendoza spoke of the many challenges she has faced since becoming Comptroller in 2016.   She noted her respect for Unions and organized labor came from her family.  She is the daughter of a Union pipefitter and the daughter-in-law of a Union electrician.